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Light and Dark

My life has always been deeply entrenched in creating and art.

After my Parents brought me to the theater to watch Star Wars, I began to obsessively draw scenes from the film. Knowing my love of Star Wars, my Grandfather purchased him a copy of Mad Magazine that parodied the film. With Star Wars and Mad Magazine as inspiration, I began creating his own worlds through art.

Art infused all aspects of my life. From making friends by drawing pictures for my classmates to spending his Saturdays at Carnegie Mellon University’s Pre-College Art program, I have always found encouragement from family, teachers, friends, and strangers.

My photography is born in my fine art training (where I did predominately figurative photo studies). I combine glamor photography with a fine art aesthetic. My basic theme (that I try to exhibit through my work) is the aftermath. I want my photography to have a sexual energy, but not overtly. It tends to be edgy, rock n roll, and/or sexy.

I am obsessed with light and dark. Contrast and light. I love to capture sides of people that they do not like to reveal often. I like to create and collaborate.

I like a shoot to be amorphous. The reason that I love photography as an artform is the creative collaboration with the model. I like to take into consideration ideas that the model may have before and during the shoot as well.